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Everyone who has done one of my courses has reported benefits:

 “Eve guided our firm through a 6-week mindfulness course recently, which was extremely well received by our people.  We all appreciated the science-based foundational elements of the course, beautifully supported by Eve’s kind and warm disposition - she is clearly an expert in her field and has a very calming presence.   Many of our team have asked when Eve will next be in our office!  I highly recommend Eve’s mindfulness courses and sessions for any company or individual”


- Kelly Seabourne. Law Firm Partner

 “Ability to cope with stressful situations easier, using tools from the programme that are easy to implement straight away. Ability to think long-term about mental health and put into practice techniques to prepare a mindful mind equipped to better deal with future annoyances.”


- K. G. Physiotherapist

"The course has helped me change my entire approach to everyday life. A sense of self-love, understanding and acceptance. The ability to stop, take a breath, and not panic. Focus on the now more than the tomorrow... A better understanding of those around me...A warm, open, trusting group environment... balance of theory and practice.”

- C.C. University Student

 “Lasting growth… noticing more, the body, the mind, and the world around.”


- A.B. Manager

 “Ability to see my thoughts from a different perspective, giving them less power over my mood, the way I react and my general attitude towards things. This in turn helped to reduce my anxiety as I can see those anxious thoughts as separate from myself so they would lose their power.”


- Female, Student, 21

“Heavily moderated fear/stress response, social confidence, self-talk almost entirely constructive/ positive, greater bliss every day.”

- J.L.

“Addressing overwhelm and a busy life/thoughts.”


- Female, University Teacher, 53

 “I have learned to identify negative thoughts and deal with them... [and] how to look after myself.”


- Female, Teacher, 35

 “The active practice of acceptance in all our meditation practices has really helped me with my attitude towards my health/cancer. Awareness of emotions, sensations, and thoughts was tricky at first but now is a daily companion in the ups and downs of life. The attitude of kindness has made me a happier and softer person to myself and others.”


- M.V, Journalist.

"It has been highly helpful to learn my own thought pattern that caused my stress.”

- Hana

“We are already doing mindfulness, its not just meditation. This course helps you figure out what you are already doing that's beneficial, and what else you can do, to build more balance into everyday life”

- Darren Persons, 43, male, scientist

 “If you feel you are under a bit of stress, Eve's mindfulness course will help immensely if you are prepared to attend with an open mind”


- G.D.A

 “Eve is a wonderful facilitator and her course teaches you a variety of practical tools and exercises to learn about mindfulness and how it benefits your daily life. ”


- Rose Mitchell, 32, Managing Director

“I got so many values and important things from this course it’s hard to list. Not to doubt myself and be so judgemental.”


- C.J. Digital Specialist

“Eve guided us with no judgement. This course gave me the tools to recognise and listen to my emotion and reduced my overall stress/anxiety as a result. Highly recommend.


- Lexi, 26, Artist

“So worth the time and money invested - this course offers gentle but practical strategies to help you navigate life's challenges. Eve is a wise and compassionate guide”


- C.M. Teacher, 50s

 “I registered for this course to supplement my learning about mindfulness meditation, but the course has been so much more than that - it has truly been a gift of self-compassion”


- Jenny Miller, 60, Career Counsellor

 “Amazing course, Eve connects with each person ... The course reduced my anxiety and helped me learn my unhelpful patterns ”


- Abby, Female, Student, 16

Eve Rudkin
Eve Rudkin
Eve Rudkin
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