Everyone who has completed my course has reported benefits

of lasting value:

Eve Rudkin
Eve Rudkin

"The course has helped me change my entire approach to everyday life. A sense of self-love, understanding and acceptance. The ability to stop, take a breath, and not panic. Focus on the now more than the tomorrow... A better understanding of those around me...A warm, open, trusting group environment... balance of theory and practice.”

- C.C. University Student

“Heavily moderated fear/stress response, social confidence, self-talk almost entirely constructive/ positive, greater bliss every day.”

- J.L.

 “Ability to cope with stressful situations easier, using tools from the programme that are easy to implement straight away. Ability to think long-term about mental health and put into practice techniques to prepare a mindful mind equipped to better deal with future annoyances.”


- K. G. Physiotherapist

Eve Rudkin
Eve Rudkin

 “Lasting growth… noticing more, the body, the mind, and the world around.”


- A.B. Manager

 “Ability to see my thoughts from a different perspective, giving them less power over my mood, the way I react and my general attitude towards things. This in turn helped to reduce my anxiety as I can see those anxious thoughts as separate from myself so they would lose their power.”


- Female, Student, 21

“I got so many values and important things from this course it’s hard to list. Not to doubt myself and be so judgemental.”


- C.J. Digital Specialist

“Addressing overwhelm and a busy life/thoughts.”


- Female, University Teacher, 53

Eve Rudkin
Eve Rudkin
Eve Rudkin

 “I have learned to identify negative thoughts and deal with them... [and] how to look after myself.”


- Female, Teacher, 35

 “The active practice of acceptance in all our meditation practices has really helped me with my attitude towards my health/cancer. Awareness of emotions, sensations, and thoughts was tricky at first but now is a daily companion in the ups and downs of life. The attitude of kindness has made me a happier and softer person to myself and others.”


- M.V, Journalist.