I have personally experienced the benefits of ongoing mindfulness practice. It transformed my life so that I now know I have the resources to face life’s inevitable challenges, big and small.

That is why I have chosen to teach mindfulness.

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Eve Rudkin

What I do: I am a registered teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) –  see Courses page .

I also offer introductory, custom, and follow-up sessions.  Additionally, I am proud to work as a  facilitator  for BlueSkyMinds in organizations.

More about me:

My own experience showed me how important it is to have the skills and personal resources to handle life’s difficulties. Now, I love guiding others to develop a tool-kit which leads them to build resilience and to flourish.

My training meets best-practice standards: I have practiced mindfulness for ten years and have studied psychology to honours level, with a particular focus on mindfulness. My research into mindfulness was published in the academic journal “Mindfulness.” I trained to teach mindfulness with MTI* over a two-year period. This training is endorsed by the leading centre of MBSR teaching at the University of Massachusetts, USA. I am committed to excellence in my teaching and I take part in ongoing professional development and supervision from a mental health professional.

My background: I bring to my work a wide variety of professional and life experience and have worked in various roles including as a manager. I have been self-employed, and have raised children. I trained as a telephone counsellor for Lifeline and volunteered for over two years, including mentoring new trainees.

For more about how mindfulness has transformed my life see the Blog page  

* Mindfulness Training Institute (Australia-New Zealand)