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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is the original and most scientifically-proven mindfulness programme. You will learn practices and principles to help you cultivate your own inner resources for focus, calm and coping. From that place, you can discover greater resilience and growth.

MBSR is a profound experiential course that runs over a whole term. It has helped many thousands of people develop their emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing. People have found the course helpful in coping with issues in many aspects of their lives, such as distress, illness and relationships as well as the challenges of everyday life. Research has shown measurable benefits lasting after MBSR courses - see info below.

Cultivating Calm: a short mindfulness taster session

Mindfulness skills for daily life, simple meditations.

Develop tools to shift from stress mode to calming mode.

This 2-hour session is offered to group bookings of 6+ (online or in-person).

MBSR course details

  • 8 x weekly 2.5 hour group** sessions in Remuera, at the Contemporary Yoga Centreplus a day of mindfulness at a beautiful retreat venue

  • Mindfulness meditation and body awareness training.

  • Noticing your patterns, and how to transform them.

  • Audio recordings and comprehensive course notes.

Doing this course you will get 30 hours of contact time, plus two one-on-one phone calls, plus my availability outside of sessions. Size of group is under 14 which ensures you will be well supported during the course. ** it is a group course, but it's your choice if you contribute

MBSR course 

Term 4 has commenced

Retreat* day Sunday 15th Nov, 9.30 - 4

Term 1 2021 MBSR:

Starts Monday  Feb 12th 6.30-9pm

*Retreat days are open to graduates of MBSR or experienced meditators ($55 fee)

Free intro evening: mindfulness & MBSR:

Monday 7 Dec & 25 Jan 7-8pm, Remuera. 

Meditation evening sessions

Zoom: 2nd Tuesday of each month

In-person: 3rd Tuesday

Register by email

MBSR course cost

Course cost: Payment can be made by weekly instalments of $75 over 9 weeks. Total cost $675*

If two places are booked, a 5% discount is offered.

*If you are experiencing genuine financial hardship that would stop you doing the course please talk to me about a discount.

Early Bird Rate:  If a deposit of $75 is paid well in advance, the course cost reduces to $600 (the remainder of which can be paid in 7 weekly instalments)



Evidence supports the benefit of mindfulness to health and wellbeing, with results showing positive effects on several aspects of whole-person health. This includes the mind, the brain, the body and behaviour, as well as a person’s relationships with others. Mindfulness has also shown to help with a number of conditions, including stress, anxiety, depression, sleeping problems, addictive behaviours and physical problems, like hypertension, heart disease and chronic pain.

- UK Govt: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence 

The benefits of mindfulness meditation include increased concentration, productivity, physical and psychological resilience and the ability to respond skilfully to stressful situations. Meditation is also effective in decreasing depression, physical pain, emotional reactivity and the reliance on unhealthy coping behaviors.

- Harvard University (which offers MBSR courses to both students and staff) 

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